Travelex vs Allianz: Which Travel Insurance Should You Choose?

Written by Antonio Cala.

Last updated on June 2, 2024

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Securing the right travel insurance is essential for peace of mind when planning your next adventure. Travelex and Allianz are two leading providers that offer comprehensive coverage tailored to various travel needs.

This article will compare their travel insurance policies, focusing on key aspects such as coverage options, cost-effectiveness, customer service, and additional benefits.

Whether you’re a globetrotter or an occasional traveler, understanding the differences between Travelex and Allianz can help you make an informed decision, ensuring you’re protected no matter where your journey takes you.

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Travelex vs Allianz

Travelex vs Allianz


Travelex caters to high-end adventure travelers based in the US. They provide a high trip cancellation coverage (up to $50k) and substantial medical coverage, perfect for high-end adventure vacations like Polar expeditions or other adventure cruises. 

They have a good reputation and get good reviews online, but their policies are not the cheapest.


Allianz on the other hand is a ok choice for travelers, providing decent medical coverage and trip cancellation. 

The problem with Allianz is their reputation. They receive a lot of negative reviews online from very angry customers.

Travelex in Detail

Nationalities: All nationalities are covered, as long as they are US residents. 

Pre-existing conditions: Yes.

Seniors Over 65: Senior travel insurance package is offered to seniors over 65.

Trip Duration: Travel Select and Travel Basic plans cover trips up to 364 days. Travel America plan covers trips up to 14 days. 

Groups: Individual and family plans available. 

Destinations covered: Covers worldwide, except Ukraine, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Belarus, and Russian Federation.

Reasons To Buy

The price is competitive.

Pre–existing conditions accepted.

Covers worldwide, except Ukraine, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Belarus, and Russian Federation.


Reasons To Avoid

Only available to US residents.

They receive mixed reviews online.

Emergency Accident & Sickness Medical Expense: Up to $50,000. It comes with a dental coverage sublimit of $500


Emergency Evacuation: Up to $500,000. It comes with an escort coverage limit of $25,000.


Trip Cancellation: 100% of insured trip cost. It comes with a limit of $50,000.


Trip Interruption: 150% of insured trip cost. It comes with a limit of $75,000.


Trip Delay: Up to $2,000. The policy comes with a daily sublimit of $200 and a minimum delay of 5 hours


Baggage & Personal Effects: Up to $1,000. Items sublimits apply.

Additional Medical Coverage. Increase your medical expenses coverage by $50,000 and up your medical evacuation coverage by $500,000.


Adventure Sports. Get protection for participating in professional athletic events, ziplining, skydiving, mountain climbing, and traveling on any air-supported devices.


Cancel for Any Reason. Protect yourself against the unexpected – whatever it maybe – and cancel your trip for any reason up to 48 hours before your scheduled departure date.

The Travelex Select Plan is a great option for American residents going on high-ticket expedition-type trips, like adventure cruises, safaris or polar expeditions. 

It covers 100% of your trip in case of cancellation (up to $50,000) and a decent medical coverage of $50,000. 

Allianz in Detail

Nationalities: Only US citizens and residents are eligible through Some countries have their own Allianz insurance website, like the UK, Spain or Germany.

Pre-existing conditions: Yes.

Seniors Over 65: Not specified.

Trip Duration: Short term and annual plans available.

Reasons To Buy

High trip cancellation/interruption coverage.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions accepted.


Reasons To Avoid

Very bad online reviews

Not all nationalities are covered.

Policy wording not clear on adventure activities coverage

Emergency Medical Coverage: Coverage Amount up to $75,000 This benefit covers losses arising from covered medical and dental emergencies that occur during your trip. For dental expenses, there is a maximum coverage limit of $750 for all eligible dental treatments.

Emergency Medical Transportation Coverage: Coverage Amount up to $1,000,000 This benefit covers medically necessary transportation to the nearest hospital or appropriate facility following a covered.

Trip Cancellation Coverage: Coverage Amount Up to $200,000 This benefit reimburses your prepaid, non-refundable expenses if you need to cancel your trip due to a covered reason. Unique to the OneTrip Premier Plan, a NOAA hurricane warning is included as a covered reason for trip cancellation. For detailed information, please refer to your plan documents.

Trip Interruption Coverage: Coverage Amount Up to $300,000 This benefit reimburses you for the unused, non-refundable portion of your trip and covers the increased transportation costs required to return home due to a covered reason.

Baggage Loss/Damage Coverage: Coverage Amount up to $2,000 This benefit covers the loss, damage, or theft of your baggage and personal effects.

The Allianz One Premier plan could be a choice for travelers going on high end organized trips or expeditions.

It offers a very high trip cancellation coverage (up to $200,000), a competitive medical coverage up to $75,000 and emergency evacuation up to $1,000,000. 

However, Allianz gets the worst reviews online so if you are interested on their services, please do your research before going ahead.

Comparing Coverage Details

Medical Expenses
Emmergency Evacuation
Trip Cancellation
Trip Delays
Equipment Coverage







Allianz Travel Insurance

One Premier







When comparing the two, Travelex might come a bit cheaper than Allianz, but the difference is not much. 

Just to give you an example, an insurance policy for a week-long trip to Peru ($2,000 trip cost) will cost around $115 with Allianz (One Premier) and around $108 with Travelex (Select). 

What's Covered & Who's Eligible

Nationalities Covered
Preexisting Conditions
Coverage for Seniors Over 65
Destinations Covered
Adventure Activities

Only US residents


No age limit

Most countries covered

Most of them

Allianz Travel Insurance

A few


Not clear

Some not covered

Some not covered

User Reviews and Testimonials

Most of the reviews Allianz receives online are very negative, where Travelex receive much better ones. 

Travelex Online Reviews

Travelex Insurance User Review
Travelex Insurance User Review
Travelex Insurance User Review

Allianz Online Reviews

Allianz Travel Insurance Online Reviews
Allianz Travel Insurance Online Reviews
Allianz Travel Insurance Online Reviews


Travelex vs Allianz

If you are still deciding, the short answer is to go with Travelex. 

If you are looking for a company with a good reputation, that offers trip protection for high-ticket trips with decent medical coverage (up to $50k) the Travelex-Select is definitely the best option of the two. 

If you are not a US resident, and planning to go on a high-end adventure trip that costs over $10,000, Allianz could provide you the coverage you need for the trip, but their online reputation is very bad. There are better options on the market, like Travel Guard that will give you that coverage for your high-end trip.

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Travelex vs Allianz
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