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Last updated on April 18, 2024

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When it comes to exploring the world, keeping yourself safe is a top priority. Whether you’re a constant traveler, nature lover, or an all-around adventurer, the Global Rescue Membership comes into play as your go-to for travel safety. In this Global Rescue travel insurance review, we’re breaking down what makes it special. 

From their services and membership plans to the crucial topic of travel insurance, we’re laying it all out. Stick around, and we’ll help you figure out if Global Rescue Membership is the right fit for your travels. 

If you would like to know more about insurance options for adventure travel, make sure to check out our Complete Guide to Adventure Travel Insurance. Let’s jump in.

Global Rescue Overview

Who Is Global Rescue For

It’s a medical-only protection designed for adventure travelers planning to go remote in an independent or organized adventure trip. All nationalities are covered and options for people over 75 are available.

What's Included

  • Medical Evacuation

At the core of Global Rescue’s services is its robust medical evacuation system. When faced with a medical emergency in a remote location, members can rely on Global Rescue’s expertise in executing timely and secure evacuations, ensuring access to the best possible medical care.

  • Security Extraction

Beyond medical concerns, Global Rescue stands ready to address security threats. In the event of political unrest, natural disasters, or other crises, the organization’s security extraction services come into play, safeguarding members from potential harm and facilitating a swift exit from volatile situations.

  • Travel Risk and Crisis Management

Global Rescue’s commitment extends beyond emergencies to proactive risk management. The organization provides comprehensive travel risk assessments, empowering members with real-time information on potential hazards, enabling informed decision-making even before departure.

  • Medical Advisory Services

Recognizing that not all emergencies necessitate evacuation, Global Rescue offers medical advisory services. Members can consult with experienced medical professionals for guidance on health concerns, ensuring a holistic approach to well-being.

What's Not Included

Global Rescue specializes in emergency medical and security services. This means it may not provide coverage for aspects such as trip interruption or protection against lost or damaged baggage.

Potential members should be aware of this distinction and may consider supplementing Global Rescue’s specialized services with a traditional travel insurance policy for comprehensive coverage across both medical and non-medical scenarios during their travels.

  • Trip Cancellation / Interruption
  • Lost / Damaged Baggage
If you would like to add these extras, Global Rescue offers travel insurance option provided by IMG Signature Travel Insurance that complements their membership.

Membership Plans

Travel Membership

The Travel Membership is the basic plan and includes field rescue, medical evacuation, and transport to a preferred home hospital. It also offers medical advisory, intelligence services, and timely destination reports for proactive decision-making. 

Total Care

The Total Care plan builds upon the Travel Membership by adding 24/7 virtual consultations with physicians, covering urgent and specialty needs, and giving access to prescriptions, labs, and imaging services.

The Total Care plan has 4 different tiers (Silver, Gold, Platinum & Unlimited) depending on the duration of the coverage and the number of consultations included. 

Global Rescue Travel Insurance Review

Add Ons

There are 2 add ons you can add to any of your memberships with Global Rescue: the security package and the high-altitude evacuation.

The Security Package includes the physical extraction when you are in danger of bodily harm. It includes civil unrest, natural disasters, government evacuation orders and other security emergencies.

The High Altitude Evacuation is for individuals traveling above 15,000 ft (4,600 m) during any part of their trip (excluding airplane travel). It includes emergency physical transport due to injury or illness.


Global Rescue offers every plan and add-on for different durations of the coverage (short term & long term) and for different groups of people (individual, family, students & age 75-84). Please, check out the latest pricing for up to date quotes. 

What's Covered & Who's Eligible

Global Rescue Membership is the insurance option with less restrictions on the market today. They cover more places and more profiles than anybody else. Let’s look at the specifics. 

Nationalities: all nationalities are covered. 

Pre-existing conditions: Yes.

Seniors Over 65: People aged 65-75 are included in the Individual Plan. Extended Plan memberships are available to those age 75-84 and include all services but are contingent upon completion of a medical form and a physician’s medical verification.

Trip Duration: Short term policies (7, 14 or 30-days) and long term policies (1 to 5 years) available.

Groups: Individual, family and student plans available. 

Situations covered: It covers civil unrest, natural disasters, government evacuation orders and other security emergencies (when purchasing the Security package).

User Reviews and Testimonials

Insurance companies often receive negative online reviews due to issues like complicated policy language, claim denials, slow processing times, and perceived unfair practices. Global Rescue is not an exception. 

However, most of the online reviews are positive. They are one of the best rated travel insurance companies online. 

Global Rescue Reviews

Global Rescue vs Competitors

Global Rescue is very different from the other insurance providers in a way that they specialize on medical evacuation and field rescue only. Therefore, they do not provide any coverage for trip cancellation/delay and lost/damaged baggage.

Where Global Rescue shines is on its coverage. They will cover more destinations than anybody else. All nationalities are accepted and options for people over 75 are also available.


Global Rescue stands out as the most expansive global travel protection option, offering unparalleled coverage with minimal restrictions compared to other medical insurance plans. 

Specifically tailored for adventure travelers embarking on independent or organized trips to remote locations, this medical-only protection covers individuals of all nationalities and offers options for individuals aged 75 and above.

It’s a medical-only insurance, so trip cancellation/interruption and lost/damaged baggage are not cover. However, if you would like to add those, Global Rescue offers a travel insurance option provided by IMG Signature Travel Insurance that complements their membership.

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Global Rescue Travel Insurance Review
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